•  Vaisala Calibration Book

    This book was written to help readers with the measurements they perform. The intent is to help the readers and their organizations determine the most appropriate activities that ensure the quality of their measurements.

  • Humidity Conversion Formulas

    This is a comprehensive document that makes it easy to understand essential humidity conversion formulas at your own pace, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need to make your job easier.

  • Application Notes:

    "Measuring Relative Humidity in Test Chambers"
    This application note outlines the need to create spaces where RH and temperature can be carefully controlled for the purpose of
    determining exactly how changing environmental conditions
    may affect the objects being tested.

    "Calibration and Adjustment of Humidity Instruments
        - Pros and Cons of Different Methods
    This application note defines several different calibration methods and approaches.

    "How to Choose the Right Instrument for Measuring Humidity and Dewpoint"
    Humidity measurement and control is called for in a wide variety
    of industrial applications. Each application has a different set of
    requirements for humidity instruments. This application note helps you decide which instrument is right for you

Kit Components:
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